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We are currently working on having partnerships with international communities for grants and sponsorship for our participants. We have successfully trained over 3000 individuals in different states in the space of 5 years, with many having their business outlets now where they attend to their customers.

The aim of NBDH is to help people discover their strength and capabilities. And to support them in developing their skills and talents.

Our Goal

We are group of people who have the mandate to sensitize and promote Skill and talent development in the community thereby directly or indirectly affecting the economy of an individual and the Country at large positively. We drive by partnership and sponsorship with Corporate Organizations, NGOs, Entrepreneurs, and relevant fields involved in Entrepreneurship development in the Country.

Statistics for both Offline and Online from 2017 till present.
Who We Are
Our Mission
Since 2017, we have embarked on the journey to support teenagers and youths in different states of Nigeria, helping them to stir up their entrepreneurial traits through vocational training, entrepreneurship seminars and talent development sessions.
Our Vision
Our vision is to raise individuals that are capable of developing themselves and strong enough to contribute their ideas and hard work to different sectors of the economy in the country in years and generations to come through our training and mentorship platform.
Executive Team
Meet Our Leaders
Olaitan Taiwo Ayodele
Media & Marketing Manager
Bukola Jaiyeola
Founder & Creative Director
Giwa Genesis Israel
Assistant Director & Supervisor
Atewogbola Adunni
Project Manager / Coordinator of Facilitators & Trainees
Okanlawon Ademola Moses
Logistics & Welfare Coordinator
Osikilo Rita Blessing
Sponsors & Partners Manager
What our trainees have to say.

Yes I’m a big testifier to Next Big Deal Hub’s impact! 2018 I went for the training, the Graphics Design class, and I relocated afterwards to France 2019. My first job interview there, what made me stand out from other candidates was the fact that I had graphics design skill, you don’t want to know how my heart blessed Jaiye, the convener of NBD Hub that day, and that’s the company I still work with till now. Thanks to Jaiye and to Sledge our graphics facilitator then, that guy practically dished it all out to us, and training team Next Big Deal Hub were superb. What appreciate about this entrepreneurship company is their consistency all through the years.

David GeorgePast Graphics Design student (2018)

Proud to say that I am among the first set of participants of the skill acquisition training organized by Next Big Deal Hub. The decision was made based on the fact that I was idle and bored,  needed a program or something to while away time. But in the course of the training I got business ideas and how to go about it smartly. Started a business afterwards. I've found an unexplainable passion in catering for people and events. And my shoulder pad has been on ever since. Imagine being called a boss at a young age.

Damilola OnitiloPast Catering student (2017 edition).

I have always asked myself what exactly can I call my skill, what exactly can I achieve for myself, I have always been scared to learn anything because I believe I don't have that talent, but being a NEXT BIG DEAL HUB student opened different opportunities and goals for me, I was assured that I can achieve anything once I put my mind to it... NBD HUB opened my heart to FASHION DESIGNING, it makes me understand that I can keep growing and makes me know exactly what I want, FASHION! and today I have my brand as “Myde Collections”. All thanks to my adorable trainer, Miss Anjola, and my beautiful mentor, Miss Jaiyeola, seeing them grow makes me keep pushing on till I reach my goal Thank you NEXT BIG DEAL HUB.

Biobaku Toyeebah OlamidePast Fashion Designing Student (2019 edition)